Get Craig to add a deck to your Canberra home!

  • Decks increase living space – having a deck built off an existing lounge room or bedroom has the effect of extending your living area, particularly if you choose to have the deck covered with a pergola.
  • Decks increase home value – adding a deck increases the value of your home for a relatively small capital investment.
  • Decks create a show-piece for your home – timber decks, when designed and built by Canberra Custom Carpentry will transform your home into a real show-piece.
  • Decks can enhance your lifestyle – enjoying the outdoors is gaining momentum and by creating a beautiful entertaining/relaxation area, your lifestyle can be transformed.
  • Decks are aesthetically pleasing – improve the look of your home by placing a deck over old and out-dated unattractive concrete verandas and steps.

Decking timber available in Canberra

Cyprus Pine

Red Gum
Silvertop Ash
Spotted Gum
Yellow Stringybark
Tallow Wood

Mod Wood is a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and recycled plastic milk bottles

Deco Deck is a decking system that is made of recycled aluminum.


After-care for timber decks

It is recommended that home owners should oil a new deck approximately six weeks after construction. Canberra Custom Carpentry recommends Cutek decking oils. Oiling your new deck can be undertaken by Canberra Custom Carpentry at a low price – however it is something that can be done easily and we are more than happy to provide advice on this.