Canberra Pergola Builder

Cover your new deck with a custom designed and built pergola!

pergola builder canberra
  • Pergolas increase living space – this is particularly important for small houses, as having a deck and pergola effectively increases the floor space of your home.

  • Pergolas provide protection from weather elements – Canberra residents enjoy the outdoors. Having a covered pergola allows you to enjoy being outside whether it is rain, hail or shine! There are many roofing options for a pergola, see below.

  • Pergolas enhance home values – as the popularity of outdoor living and entertaining continues, a pergola and deck will give your home the edge over a property that does not have one.
  • Pergolas create structure for vines – if your new pergola is uncovered and you are the gardening type, create a beautiful outdoor oasis by having a grapevine or wisteria vine.

pergola builder canberra

Pergolas are a great feature  and can be free-standing or attached to your home – from the roof, fascia, or with two story residences – bolted to the brick wall.

Canberra Custom Carpentry designs and constructs custom pergolas according to your needs and individual budget using high quality materials, and covered with your choice of laserlite, colorbond or makrolon. Usually a pergola is built in order to compliment a deck and to provide coverage.

Pergolas are another popular choice that Canberra home owners make as they are an economic alternative to an enclosed structure.

pergola builder canberra

Roofing for pergolas

Roofing options for your new pergola is vast and includes but not limited to:


Shade cloth
Insulated roofing

If you want your outside area to feel more inside without blocking your view or closing it off all together, we can sheet the underside of your pergola with plasterboard and timber cladding among other things.

The sky is the limit……without blocking it out!