Upgrade to double glazed windows in Canberra

window replacements canberra double glazed

Living in an energy inefficient house in Canberra during winter or summer….. is not fun and it is not cheap!

Replacing your existing out dated windows with double glazed windows has never been more affordable – come on, you know you want to address those noise and temperature issues!

  • Energy Efficient

  • Keeps house cooler in summer and warmer in winter

  • Saves money on ineffective heating and cooling

  • Reduction of noise if you live on a busy street

  • Safer than conventional glass when broken –  think of the children

  • Affordable! Replace your outdated windows

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

window replacements canberra double glazed

Canberra Custom Carpentry can provide Canberra home owners with high quality windows at an affordable price. The windows are manufactured locally in Canberra and installed by Craig and his small team of qualified tradesmen.

The double glazed windows can come in all types of looks and colours and also with the option for fly screens. Aluminum is preferred by the majority of clients due to durability and longevity.

Contact Craig to arrange a discussion on your options and for a proper measure and quote.